Sağ tık yasaklı.

About Us


Innovative lifestyle concept

A continuous journey from 1950 to the present day… And the point reached today is that of being a brand both in Turkey and abroad with our integrated seat factories both in Istanbul and Kirklareli, of being the only address for armchairs.

Our vision is to be innovative in the concept of lifestyle. It is to make a difference with our innovations to satisfy needs and enrich our lifestyles.

With our production expertise, we constantly renewing our product portfolio and creating new products. While struggling to become a big company, we also want to be an employer that is appreciated by our customers.

We believe that by providing long-term sustainable partnerships with our clients we can meet their expectations, grow together and help our employees offer development opportunities.

Our purpose and values lie at the heart of our work. They form the fundamental beliefs that shape our future by relying on those qualities that made our past achievement possible.